Outdoor Photo Journey offers small group photography workshops in the outdoors. With personalized hands-on instruction in the field, our workshops help you learn to use your tool, the camera. You come away with an understanding of how to make photographs instead of just taking them.


We offer photography workshops not photography tours. Tours simply take you to a location and let you wander off on your own to find things to shoot. Not here. In our workshops we work one-on-one with each participant, helping to answer any of their questions along the way. At the end of the workshop what participants come away with are not just better photographs, but a better understanding of photography, better compositions and most importantly, a skill set they now have and can use on future adventures.


artist / photographer

Louis Au

Louis Au is a Toronto-based freelance photographer who has been immersed in the professional photographic industry for over 20 years. He is passionate about documenting the culturally diverse world through his camera. He embraces both the traditional art form of black & white and the modern technology of capturing images in bits & bytes. Even with the rapid advance of technology, Louis believes that the most important aspect of this creative process has not changed. It is always about capturing the moment, regardless of the medium. His work has been featured in publications and showcased in various photo exhibitions.

designer / photographer

Ariel Estulin

Ariel Estulin is an award winning photographer and graphic designer. Primarily interested in landscapes, he travels the world seeking out beauty in those wild and remote places on earth that still remain untouched by civilization and where nature commands ultimate attention. Self-taught as a photographer, he spent time with Freeman Patterson, Canada’s renowned photographer, to learn the art of making great photographs. His training as a graphic designer continually shapes what he sees through the lens. His work has been published in magazines and showcased with exhibitions.