The experience of Ariel and Louis in quickly identifying small (or large) issues with a photo and then demonstrating how to edit it to add more punch was terrific. Many photographers are reluctant to share how they approach workflow and editing and thus it remains a “secret”. Thanks!


I intent to do another workshop with Ariel again. It was a fantastic learning experience.


The best workshop I ever attended! Very well organized, very informative, lots of personal attention. Days filled with shooting, starting with sunrise and ending with sunset shoots, followed by the night photography of the stars. At the break times, presentation on Lightroom and processing images, as well as getting feedback on the images taken that day. Thank you very much for great time. And looking forward to more workshops with you!


As a novice amateur, I enjoyed the hands-on direction and helpful suggestions from Ariel and Louis which helped me to expand my way of seeing an image. Getting the image right in the viewfinder saves so much time at the desktop. It was great to be able to concentrate on photography for the whole weekend. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to learn or expand your “vision”. The island is a fascinating location.

Don Rycroft

It was hard to learn a new language – F-stops, exposure, aperture… I was a bit overwhelmed at first. But Louis and Ariel are really patient and easygoing. They gave me the time, space and support that I needed to figure out how to compose and capture what I was seeing. I was thrilled to see what I could do with my newfound skills and came home with some amazing photographs. This was a great experience which I would recommend to anyone who wants to learn or improve their photography.

Heather Murray

The workshop exceeded all my expectations. Louis & Ariel are very patient and honest instructors and helped me understand the functions of my camera, thus boosting my confidence. Through the workshop, we developed a good friendship within the group. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to experience photography and travel.

Iris Leung

Reviews are great and beneficial after picture taken each and every time. Like a lot of good feedback (horizon and corners) and valuable ideas to share and improve. The teachers are wonderful and professional and showed a lot of caring and patience at each photo site (Ariel is always available!)


We had fun all the time. This was definitely the best part of my six weeks in Nepal. It was good having another “project” (photography) while doing the trekking. I also felt the critiques of everybodys pictures helped me both take better ones myself but also look at the sights in many ways. The critiques of everybodys pictures were useful as during them so many more aspects than just what regarded mine came up. This was also the best time, at least for me, to take things in and look at pictures more critically but also more objectively.


Overall my experience was excellent. The instructors knowledgeable and helpful, and the chef was great. The people I met were very friendly and great to be around. Thank you so much for everything.

Susan M.

I loved being in Georgian Bay – so much rugged beauty to photograph and take in! I also really appreciated the support in taking longer exposure pictures (soft blurry water is one of my favourite effects) and in taking pictures of stars. That was amazing.