Algonquin Park Fall Foliage Photography Workshop

• Dates: October 7–9, 2024
• Cost: $875 + HST
• Deposit $100
• 3 days
• Limit: 6 participants


Join our unforgettable photo workshop in Algonquin Park, where autumn’s vibrant hues await. Immerse yourself in stunning fall foliage capturing its essence with expert guidance and hands-on instruction. Explore scenic wonders with seasoned photographer Ariel Estulin, perfecting your skills amidst Algonquin’s forests and lakes. Connect with fellow photographers who share your passion for nature’s beauty.

This workshop is for photographers of all skill level and for individuals seeking more than mere snapshots. It’s designed for those who genuinely desire to craft a narrative, capturing the essence of a place and weaving in their own personal journey. Our group is limited to 6 participants, so what you’ll receive is hands-on, one-on-one photography instruction.

For those new to photography, our workshop will delve into fundamental camera controls such as f-stops, shutter speed, and ISO, illustrating how various combinations of these settings yield distinct outcomes. Throughout the workshop, we’ll explore composition principles, including both essential guidelines and when to deviate for more captivating images. Participants will gain firsthand insight into the creative journey alongside a seasoned photographer, witnessing the process from image inception to its polished digital form.

Photo critique is a big part of the learning process so we’ll take time to review and critique your images. This gives you an opportunity for immediate feedback which is critical in the learning process. We’ll also show you how to post processing your images. In digital photography the image capture is just the beginning, the real fun is creating your images in post production.

Workshop Highlights

– Learn from seasoned photographers as you explore Algonquin’s scenic wonders.
– Capture the mesmerizing colors of autumn amidst Algonquin’s forests and lakes.
– Experience and photograph the night sky in one of the darkest spots in Ontario
– Connect with fellow photographers and share your passion for capturing nature’s beauty.

What am I going to learn?

By the end of the workshop you’ll have a solid foundation of photography and an understanding of what all those little knobs and dials do on your camera. You’ll know how to scout a location, pick the best spot, compose your photo, and get that amazing result. You’ll be a superstar at post-processing your images and impress your friends with your photos.

Full Itinerary

Directions and a detailed list of equipment (photography and personal gear) will be sent to all workshop participants.

Our aim every day is to maximize shooting time. We’ll kick off each morning with a sunrise shoot, followed by a hearty breakfast. The remainder of the day will be dedicated to hiking and photographing at different spots across Algonquin Park. We encourage carpooling to reach our shooting locations, ensuring efficient travel. Evenings will see us returning to the hotel for dinner.

Flexibility is key in our schedule, allowing us to adapt based on group preferences and conditions. We’ll choose shooting locations and activities based on how everyone feels and the weather conditions. Fear not, rain or shine, we’ll be out shooting!


We begin at 12:00pm at a designated spot for an afternoon filled with photographing rapids, exploring patterns in the river bedrock, and capturing the mesmerizing textures along the shoreline. We’ll break for dinner around 5pm. If weather conditions permit, we’ll extend our adventure to photograph the night sky after dinner. Algonquin Park has some of the darkest skies in southern Ontario and offers unparalleled opportunities for capturing the beauty of the stars. A truly magical first day!

DAY 2 / DAY 3

Day 2 and 3 will follow a similar schedule. We’ll start each day early to catch the sunrise, followed by a hearty breakfast. Then, we’ll embark on a day of exploring various locations in the Park to capture the vibrant colors of fall. Expect breathtaking foliage, scenic lookouts, and enchanting forests. We’ll break for lunch where I’ll be providing a boxed lunch to keep us fueled for the adventure ahead.

After lunch, we’ll continue our quest for stunning fall images with hikes in the Park.

We’ll gather for a delicious dinner at the Mad Musher, replenishing our energy for the evening’s activities. Depending on conditions, we may have the option to shoot stars once more, or alternatively, we can opt for an image critique and review session in the evening. It’s been another eventful day!

On day 3, will follow a similar schedule. We’ll conclude the workshop around 3pm.


What about accommodations?

Accommodations are NOT included in the cost of this workshop. I can provide a list of places to stay in the Algonquin area, but the recommendation is the Mad Musher in Whitney, just outside Algonquin’s East Gate. It’s proximity to the park makes this an excellent base-camp location. Here we’ll have our meals, critiques and reviews. I have reserved a block of rooms for Oct 7-9.

Please send me an email before making any accommodation arrangements. If you’re interested in sharing a room, let me know and I’ll try co-ordinate this arrangement.

What about meals?

Breakfasts and Dinners are NOT included in the cost of this workshop. We’ll eat meals together as a group at the Mad Musher. For lunch I will be providing a boxed lunch. To maximize our shooting time, we’ll most likely be on the road for most of the day and having a boxed lunch makes more sense. I’ll have various snack to offer during the day, but you’re welcome to bring your own as well.

What’s included
  • boxed lunch (Tuesday and Wednesday)
  • professional photography instruction
  • image reviews and critiques
  • post-processing instruction
  • inspiration, fun, and a great time!
What’s not included
  • accommodations
  • breakfast & dinners
  • camera equipment
  • Ontario park fees
  • transportation to/from location
What is your cancellation policy?

We rely on student attendance in order for these workshops to run so we must adhere to our cancellation policies for all students. You can read them in detail on our Cancellation Policy page.


Algonquin Park in the autumn

  • "The best workshop I ever attended! Very well organized, very informative, lots of personal attention. Days filled with shooting, starting with sunrise and ending with sunset shoots, followed by the night photography of the stars. At the break times, presentation processing images, as well as getting feedback on the images taken that day. Thank you very much for great time. And looking forward to more workshops with you!"
  • "The workshop exceeded all my expectations. Ariel is a very patient and honest instructor and helped me understand the functions of my camera, which boosted my confidence. Through the workshop, we developed a good friendship within the group. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to experience photography and travel."
    Iris L.
  • "Overall my experience was excellent. The instructors were knowledgeable and helpful. The people I met were very friendly and great to be around. Thank you so much for everything. I intent to do another workshop again. It was a fantastic learning experience."
    Susan M.